Do you limit yourself?

Do you limit yourself by focusing
on what CAN’T be done?

Ep 4 The Possibility Show

Could you imagine (and really stop to think about it for a moment)… a group of blind people out mountain biking?

This sounds incredible, but true!

Daniel Kish was blind from the age of 13 months when he had to have an operation to remove his eyes. Later though, as a child he learned to navigate by making loud ‘clicks’ with his tongue against his palate and ‘reading’ the echoes that came back from objects in his surroundings.

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“Do you limit yourself by focusing on what CAN’T be done?” via @tisDaveSmith The Possibility Professor

Daniel can even tell the difference between a metal and a wooden post, by the tone of the sounds coming back!

Would you have fought for a solution, or accepted limitations?

That’s a tough question to ask, I know, and I’m not making any judgements here.  It’s just to get us all thinking about possibilities, no matter how ‘way out’ they might seem.  A blind person navigating around a new city unaided is impressive… but mountain-biking?  That’s incredible!

[socialring] It’s only when we hear about things like this and spend time around success, that we really learn more about what’s possible.

As always, I’d love to hear from you with your thoughts and comments on this episode.

What do you think might actually be possible for you?

Many congratulations to last week’s winner, Jacqui!  My favourite comment this week will receive a pristine author-signed hardback copy of Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ with more stories of success!

You’ll never know until you first imagine it… then try it… and with persistence and perseverance, achieve it!

With much appreciation – and remember…  Anything’s Possible!

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Dave Smith – The Possibility Professor

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