Absurd… or just not done yet?

Impossibly absurd?
…or just not done yet?

Ep 5 The Possibility Show


It’s amazing what can be achieved when you’re tested – when you meet that life circumstance that calls you to dig down and reach a new level of attainment that you’d never have thought possible!


Would YOU think you could lift a ton and a half car and move it?

I doubt it, not if you stopped to THINK about it.  But how about if you didn’t stop to think and instead just DID it?

That’s what Lauren Kornacki did when her dad was trapped under his 5-series BMW when the jack slipped while he was working on it.  He suffered broken ribs, sternum, other fractures and wasn’t breathing when Lauren found him.

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“A thing only seems absurd until somebody has done it” via @tisDaveSmith The Possibility Professor

Without Lauren’s ‘unthinking’ action her father wouldn’t have survived. Not only wasn’t he breathing, his heart had stopped.  After lifting and moving the car she was able to give him CPR until paramedics arrived.

What could we all achieve, if we didn’t think about it too much?

I was speaking with a client this morning about exactly this, how it’s our thinking that causes us difficulties rather than our situation.

[socialring] When we’re busy with work and distracted, we don’t think about our problems and we don’t feel bad.  In the evenings or weekends, though, we have time to think and all those worries come to the fore and we feel all sorts of negative emotions.

The ‘situation’ is the same though… that hasn’t changed… so our bad feelings can’t be coming from the situation itself, or we’d be feeling bad even when we’re busy!  It’s only our thinking about it that leads to the bad feelings.  The good news is, if we think about something good instead, we can start to feel good too!!  The neurology works the same in both directions.

Same with our limitations… when we DON’T stop to think, we can achieve impossibly absurd things. I wonder how we can use that in our everyday life?

As always, I’d love to hear from you with your thoughts and comments on this episode.

What could you achieve if you didn’t think about it too much?

Remember to focus on what you want more than what you don’t want.

With much appreciation – and remember… Anything’s Possible!

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Dave Smith – The Possibility Professor

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