Great opportunities disguised as impossible things

What would YOU do, if you
didn’t know you couldn’t do it?

The Possibility Professor

This week, I’ll share with you the true story of a man who achieved an incredible feat, simply because he didn’t know that he couldn’t!

Great opportunities are often cleverly disguised as impossible things!

Watch the video to hear about Cliff Young, the Australian farmer who, in 1983 at the age of 61, not only became the oldest person to win the 544 mile Sydney to Melbourne ultra-marathon but broke the previous record by two days!

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“What would YOU do, if you didn’t know you couldn’t do it?” via @tisDaveSmith The Possibility Professor

It’s an amazing and inspiring story – one of many that I’ll be sharing with you in the weeks ahead.


What opportunities have YOU been letting pass you by, because you didn’t think it was possible?

We’re all guilty of this, I know I’ve let many opportunities slip away in my life, but have now learned that most of the limits of what is achievable are actually in our own minds.

[socialring] Are you going to let those opportunities slip through your fingers in the future?  Ignoring what we ‘think’ is possible and bridging The Possibility Gap™ that lies between ‘problem’ and ‘solutions’ can move us on to a whole range of solutions – any of which could work.

So whenever you hear yourself saying “It’s just impossible!”, spare a thought for Cliff Young and what he achieved and remember… ” Great opportunities are often cleverly disguised as impossible things!”

As always, I’d love to hear from you with your thoughts and comments on this episode.

What would YOU do, if you didn’t know you couldn’t?

When you watch the video you’ll hear about a SPECIAL PRIZE this week for my favourite comment, in answer to this question, received by 6pm GMT on Sunday 10th March!

So… what exactly WOULD you do? You never know, just putting it out there – right now – might be just the impetus required to make it happen!

With much appreciation – and remember… Anything’s Possible!   

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Dave Smith – The Possibility Professor

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Great opportunities disguised as impossible things — 34 Comments

  1. If I didn’t know I couldn’t do it, I would do everything..I love this idea.. thanks for the inspiring story

  2. Love receiving these videos! Feeling low on energy today and this has given me a real boost. Very inspirational. If I didn’t know I couldn’t do it I would have a job working for the love not the money.

  3. Brilliant video – not seen you before and look forward to the next story! Now, I would (being nearly 49 this month and unfit / a tad ‘chunky’) complete the Tough Mudder event this September as well as pay off all my debts and be running a super-successful business making my son, my dad & my brother proud of me! 12 months? Who says I can’t???? (Er, that’ll be me – writing my own limitations! Doh!)

    • Hi Debbie thanks for stopping by! I’m sure you don’t need me to say that I’ll bet your son, dad and brother are all proud of you whatever you ‘do’ or ‘achieve’ …it’s who you ‘are’ that counts. I know what you mean though, you want to ‘feel’ you’ve achieved something. Funny thing is, every feeling we ever want is already inside us, we just need the right excuse to let them out! How would you feel if you paid off all your debts and had a super successful business this year? Really think about it… and there you go! Anything I can do to help you with your goals, just let me know… and YES! of course you CAN be successful THIS YEAR!! Never be afraid to ask for help… you’d be amazed at who is prepared to help you. Just ASK… me included! Great to hear from you Debbie.

    • Thanks Becky! Great that you’re enjoying the shows, and FAB to hear you’re feeling inspired… that speaks to my mission to inspire and encourage as many people as I can to achieve a lot more than they ever thought they were capable of. Thanks again Becky.

  4. Great video as always Dave – off to share with my group as think they really need to hear this! Thanks for sharing such amazing content and keeping us all inspired 🙂

    • The work you’re doing is amazing Victoria… inspiring, nurturing, mentoring and supporting young mums all over the world to start their own home-based businesses. Anyone reading this interested to find out more, click on Victoria’s name just above here next to her picture and pop over to the fantastic website and membership programme for mums that she’s running at The BabyBrain Academy.

  5. Great question Dave! And I would have to say – everything I’m doing! When I first decided to do Admin and PR outside of my then job, it was purely something to focus on, that would also benefit some friends. I never even took a penny for it. I got quite a quick response and attention, because my methods are quite random – I shun run of the mill! The next thing I knew, a suggestion was made to do it properly and start a company, I thought “I could never do that!” But I did. I was made redundant and decided to focus on solely on building for a bit, but my focus was on others. I started focusing on me towards the end of the last year, by which time my motto had become: “the worst that could happen is I hear ‘No’ a lot. ‘No’ is free.” Since that time, I have done projects involving some awe-inspiring people on a world stage that I would NEVER have had the courage to approach in the very beginning. I did it again just now – the worst that will happen is I will hear ‘No’ – it’s still free! Sorry it’s a long answer – but there’s no short version!

    • Great answer Erica… sounds like you’re on a roll ! That’s so true too, we’re all afraid of rejection. It’s one of the most powerful human drives, the need to belong and be accepted, one of the main reasons so many people struggle with their businesses because they don’t ask enough. Fear of rejection is one of the biggest hurdles in sales. Truth is though, as you eloquently say, what’s the worst that can happen? You get a ‘No’? That’s true… but sometimes you’ll get a ‘Yes!’ and sometimes it’s only the one ‘Yes’ that you need! If you never ask, you’ll never know. Thanks for the comment !

      • Thank you Dave! I think if I still had the safety net of my former job, I probably would still be more hesitant than I have been, and taken less chances. When there’s no buffer, you have to say all or nothing!

  6. Mmmm really makes you think. Great story. That tells me anything is possible. So i have no excuse i have to follow my dream and start my new business soon. I am taking part in Victoria’s Babybrain challenges. It’s fantastic.

    • Hi Jacqui! I have to say, I don’t think I would have had the courage to quit my job until things were a LOT more stable, but since I was made redundant, I felt like I had two choices: Sink or Swim. I hated my former job with a passion anyway, it was sucking the life out of me and with my own co. I KNEW that it was what I wanted to do 24/7, so I needed no coaxing on that side of things!

    • Hey Jacqui, great to see you here. Just done an interview with Victoria so you’ll probably see me in the challenge in the next week or so! Yes, follow your dream, be prepared to work hard, keep focused and be persistent… and you’ll surely get there! Let me know how I can help.

    • Sounds like a great idea Maria. You could easily get Mr Branson to write an intro for you! Funny, I’m coming across lots of people recently who want to spend more of their lives travelling the world! Why not, eh?

  7. Maria you are about to be a famous author with that book just out. I think if I didn’t know I couldn’t do it – Id make lots of lovely videos to inspire other people. Then I’d take lots of time out to spend with my grandchildren and children 🙂

  8. Hi Dave,
    Very thought provoking video. It does make sense. I will soon be going on a micro light flight….If any doubts come to mind I seem to just brush them away. It is something I really wany to do so I am going for it! Have signrd up for your weekly video too.
    Take good care.xxxx

    • Sounds great Mary! I did a microlight flight 2 years ago, really enjoyed it. Hadn’t been flying (in a small plane) for many years before that. Good to see you taking the Nike approach ‘Just do it!’ Thanks for signing up and chat soon x