Everlasting Story (Poem)

Everlasting Story

I wonder what’s the matter,
The world seems in a spin.
The loudness of the clatter
From those that want to win.

It drowns the many quiet,
Loving, peaceful ones
Caring for our planet,
Building family homes.

It’s been this way for eons,
Using force to gain;
But in the end it’s freedom
Will have the last refrain.

You cannot make a prison
To hold a rogue idea.
They have to be willing
To listen and to hear.

It’s their beliefs that blind them
They only see the things
That join together brethren,
That make their voices sing.

It’s only fear that does that,
Afraid to stand alone;
Afraid to turn down combat
Afraid to be just one.

What is it with us humans?
Why has it been this way
Since before the Romans,
To this very day?

They will steal the land from
Those that will not fight.
We have to stand for freedom,
We have to show our might.

We must also understand them,
Understand their needs,
Understand their hatred,
Understand their greed.

You might think that’s futile,
You might think that’s weak,
But you can’t kill an idea
With a bombing streak.

It’s in our human nature
Wanting to be right;
To convince all others,
To take to them the fight.

But does that make us happy?
Does that bring us peace?
Does it solve the problems
We aim to appease?

When will we learn from history,
When will we learn from past?
When will the world’s new story
Be one that ever lasts?

Dave Smith – The Possibility Professor – 26th November 2015

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