Everlasting Story (Poem)

The Possibility Professor Poem - Everlasting Story

Everlasting Story I wonder what’s the matter, The world seems in a spin. The loudness of the clatter From those that want to win. It drowns the many quiet, Loving, peaceful ones Caring for our planet, Building family homes. It’s been this way for eons, Using force to gain; But in the end it’s freedom Will have the last refrain. You cannot make a prison To hold a rogue … SEE FULL POST >>>> [socialring]

The Triumph of Effort Over Talent

Triumph of Effort over Talent - Photo

The Triumph of Effort over Talent It used to be thought that ‘intelligence’ was something you were born with, but many studies show it can be developed like any other skill.  I’m also a great believer that most skills can be learned too and are not just ‘innate’ talent (although it does help to start at a higher level).  In fact, research into ‘talent’ versus ‘effort’ shows that those … SEE FULL POST >>>> [socialring]

One Day is Today

Every Day is ‘One Day’ – and ‘One Day’ is Today I heard a great quote this morning: “Man, sometimes it takes you a long time to sound like yourself” ~ Miles Davis (Musician) What a great phrase, and how true is that? I’ve spent more years than I can remember wondering how I ought to look, sound, behave, do business or just ‘be’ in the world. I always … SEE FULL POST >>>> [socialring]

Absurd… or just not done yet?

Ep 5 The Possibility Show

Impossibly absurd? …or just not done yet?   It’s amazing what can be achieved when you’re tested – when you meet that life circumstance that calls you to dig down and reach a new level of attainment that you’d never have thought possible!   Would YOU think you could lift a ton and a half car and move it? I doubt it, not if you stopped to THINK about … SEE FULL POST >>>> [socialring]

Do you limit yourself?

Ep 4 The Possibility Show

Do you limit yourself by focusing on what CAN’T be done? Could you imagine (and really stop to think about it for a moment)… a group of blind people out mountain biking? This sounds incredible, but true! Daniel Kish was blind from the age of 13 months when he had to have an operation to remove his eyes. Later though, as a child he learned to navigate by making … SEE FULL POST >>>> [socialring]

Great opportunities disguised as impossible things

The Possibility Professor

What would YOU do, if you didn’t know you couldn’t do it? This week, I’ll share with you the true story of a man who achieved an incredible feat, simply because he didn’t know that he couldn’t! Great opportunities are often cleverly disguised as impossible things! Watch the video to hear about Cliff Young, the Australian farmer who, in 1983 at the age of 61, not only became the … SEE FULL POST >>>> [socialring]

Impossible, or Just a Tough Decision?

Impossible? …or Just a Tough Decision? We’ve all been there, haven’t we.  We get stuck and convince ourselves it’s impossible.  We don’t want to feel the negative emotions associated with any decision we might make, so we freeze up and say it can’t be done – and that’s understandable, really it is, it’s a defence mechanism. How many times have you been in what seems like an impossible situation … SEE FULL POST >>>> [socialring]

Looking with new eyes

Can You See What’s Right in Front of You? There’s a great quote from T.S.Eliot which inspired me for this weeks show: “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” We’ve all done it haven’t we – gone off in search of our keys, glasses etc. and at the … SEE FULL POST >>>> [socialring]