Looking with new eyes

Can You See What’s Right in Front of You?

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There’s a great quote from T.S.Eliot which inspired me for this weeks show: “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

We’ve all done it haven’t we – gone off in search of our keys, glasses etc. and at the end of all our searching come back to where we started and looked again ‘with different eyes’ and there they were all along!

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“Are you looking in the right place but with the wrong eyes” via @tisDaveSmith The Possibility Professor

It really makes you think, doesn’t it.  How much time do we spend looking for answers outside ourselves, anywhere other than where we are, right here, right now?

The secret, I think, is to develop the habit of looking with new eyes, which really means a new way of thinking – or a new way of ‘not thinking’!  Sometimes we over-analyse things and our thoughts can blind us to what is already there.

Finding space to rest, calm the mind and slow our thoughts can help us develop this new ‘vision’ to see things where we are in a new light.

Then we might be better able to see what’s already right in front of us!

I’d love to hear from you, your thoughts on this episode, have you been struggling to find answers or solutions and got stuck in The Possibility Gap™?

Oh! …and how do you like the old professor?

So pop your thoughts in the comments below, you never know who else you might be helping by sharing.

With much appreciation – and remember… Anything’s Possible!
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Dave Smith – The Possibility Professor

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Looking with new eyes — 18 Comments

  1. Great stuff Dave! I’m so delighted to see The Possibility Professor brought to life through your webshow! Whoop! I’m so proud of you – you’re going to make serious CHANGE online! 🙂 This message is so true… after working my butt off for way too long in order to be able to spend more quality time with my children I realised that I was the only one stopping that from happening NOW! Lol! So that’s why the whole business is coming online now! Thanks for the reminder. Off for a walk now so will see what I can see in a new way! x

  2. My keys are always losing themselves in my handbag. Moral get a smaller handbag. It IS easy to overlook possibility, especially when it challenges our beliefs about ourselves.

  3. Hey Dave. Glad the site made it on time:-)
    If I need to find something, it usually requires that I put my glasses on! Focus on the right thing and you will invariably find what’s been there all along. Now, where are my glasses?

    • Hey Steve yup, made it, and thanks again for your expert advice, you’re a star matey! Of course, you might not be able to read this reply yet 😉

    • Thanks Louise, it’s been a busy week is all I’m saying 🙂 Very happy to see it launch. Michelle’s been an amazing ally in this process. Look forward to see your show not too long away 😉 !

  4. Yay finally someone talking like they understand, with humour. Life is too short to be a stick in the mud. Thank you ‘The Possibility Professor’!

    • Thanks AJ! Yup, you’ve got to have some fun on the way eh? Great to have you on board 🙂

  5. Love it Dave!!! And yes – I lose my keys and my cell phone all the time!! My phone multiple times a day thanks to the littles!! And the professor is fantastic!! Sharing this all over the place!! Great job!!

    • Hey Davina, how’s the sunshine over there in California? Thanks so much, great that you like the old prof! Another episode next week – remember to sign up so you get the email. Have a great week! 🙂

  6. Now, what was it I wanted to say … mmm, oh yes, very relevant Dave 🙂 Actually it’s more relevant than you might think at the moment and I guess it applies in many more ways that just forgetting where you’ve put things.

  7. Love your sense of humour Dave. I’m sure I’ll find what I’ve been looking for all week… and if it’s under my nose I’ll be thrilled!

  8. I have this issues working online all the time, I often forget what I am doing. But then I remember that I have a backwards key.